User experience & visual communication designer with four years of experience across tech, media, and education. In a world of evolving tech landscapes and changing visual cultures, I’m on a journey to create humane services and artifacts—weaving rich visual narratives that emote, engage, and empower. 

Lead Designer
January 2021 – present
Spearheaded the design for Samsung’s Fintech services—balancing global guidelines, stakeholder interests, and Indian user preferences. Built a compelling brand system for the upcoming revamped Samsung Finance+, poised to be launched across the Southeast Asia market soon, and defined the visual identity of DigiLocker in Samsung Wallet. These projects were a springboard for showcasing my design expertise, art direction, and leadership capabilities.

Proposed and commercialised the Smart Mobile Hotspot solution on Samsung devices currently used by millions—a unique proposition that lets users effectively manage their mobile data better. Beyond identifying real-time and future use cases with evolving technology, the project was also a testament to showcasing the impact of local solutions on a global scale. 

Crafted and delivered multiple end-to-end feature and product pitches across the realm of super apps, e-commerce, AI, and XR technology—studying best practices, market trends, evolving visual culture, and collating impactful and actionable insights.

Freelance Graphic Designer
May 2020 – October 2020
Crafted and delivered three distinct movie pitch decks—weaving compelling narratives and forging unique visual identities for each—from sports drama to neo-noir thriller to fantastical adventure. Navigated stakeholder feedback while managing tight deadlines throughout.

Associate Designer
January 2020 April 2020
Drove the development of impactful print and web communications (zines, brochures, website) for NID Endowments. Additionally, created immersive exhibition artifacts for NID Panorama, enhancing the visitor experience.

Freelance Graphic Designer
Euphony Education Pvt. Ltd. Guwahati
August 2018 February 2019
 Created three immersive childrens books for nursery class— from weaving alphabet tales to designing playful writing activities. Crafted enchanting narratives, vibrant illustrations, and captivating layouts; ensuring each book sparks curiosity and ignites learning for young minds.

Visual Communication Design Intern
Konspire, Chattarpur, New Delhi
December 2015 February 2016

Master of Design in Graphic Design
2016 2019
• Coursework included an emphasis on the basics of visual design, image-making, typography, semiotics, print-making, packaging, publication design, photography, research-methodology, and design management. In major classroom projects, themes of empowerment, social justice, and gender studies were explored.

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology
Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat
2011 2015


Samsung Excellence Award
April 2023
• Award to recognise collective achievement of team for Smart Hotspot Launch in A54/A34 and Samsung Wallet.

Spot Award for Outstanding Visual Design
October 2022
• Award conferred for contributions to numerous projects across Services team and SRIB as a whole.

March 2024
• A conference aimed at predicting the future of visual design, craft practices, and design education with evolving intersections of technology and creativity.

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