Music has always given form to my inner feelings. Growing up, I’d devour albums voraciously—each verse, each chord would resonate with my thought and being. It‘s also an integral part of my art practice. I love watching music videos and get inspired by the imagery created by music artists to complement the sound.
Throughout 2023, I have made a conscious effort to create these artworks as an ode to my love for music. This is also my way of putting in a word in the universe that someday I get to stitch visuals for my favourite musicians.
Euphories by Videoclub
Euphories—the debut album by Videoclub, is an electric record of 80’s inspired, synth-pop packed singles. The album is youthful and charming—reminiscent of childhood, it tells tales of coming of age fears and young romance.
For the album artwork—I chose the motif of a cassette—the nostalgic container of our beloved mixtapes. The visual style was inspired from 80’s synthwave and vapourwave culture.
Barbie by Various Artists
Barbiecore wrecked our world in 2023 and I was here for it! The album and the movie were a riot of pink—in all its fun and feminine glory.
I rendered a collectible from the barbie universe—a delicious, berrilicious pink lipstick—made out of plastic, ain’t that fantastic? The colours were an ode to the magical barbie universe.
lost & found by Various Artists
Conceived this album artwork and playlist after watching Davy Chou’s stellar movie—Return to Seoul—and overplaying the soundtrack on my evening run. Reminiscent of a past life lived and forgotten, the melancholic yet liberating disco beats pulsate with nostalgia.
Pretty Isn't Pretty by Olivia Rodrigo
While listening to Guts by Olivia on the day it released in September, one song particularly hit me hard—pretty isn’t pretty. The song opens with Olivia sharing personal anecdotes on how her negative body image plays out, and as it progresses, manages to capture the complicated relationship a lot of us have with what we see in the mirror.
I translated the essence of the song—the feelings and the verses—into a collage of bodies the media wants us to believe are the ideal. In the bridge of the song, Olivia croons—And I try to ignorе it, but it’s everythin’ I see, It’s on the poster on the wall, it’s in the shitty magazine—I put together images from fashion publications of models with airbrushed skin and lean physique, interlaced with visuals of the price we pay for all of it—from expensive garments, cosmetics, to our unhealthy obsession with the weighing scale and the cake you gave up, even on your birthday.
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