In the winter of 2020, the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, embarked on a journey to reach out to its alumni and patrons for endowments. The money will enable the institution to significantly expand and excel in achieving its mandate of research, education, service, and promotion of design in India. 

As a project consultant, I was tasked with creating various artefacts to communicate the institution’s intent. These tangible as well as digital artefacts elaborate the vision, mission, and values of NID Ahmedabad, as well as encourage readers to support the same. 
A soft yet persuasive visual style was extended to all the deliverables. The colour palette was derived from hues of sunrise to suggest the institute's aspirations for a glorious and hopeful future.
A zine articulating the vision, mission, values of NID Ahmedabad as a premier design institution. It further unfolds into a poster symbolising the pedagogy of the school. Different visual directions were explored to communicate the message.
Finalised design
Poster celebrating NID's spirit of continuous learning
Brochure inviting alumni to contribute to NID's Endowment fund.
NID Endowments website
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