Due to the lack of comprehensive sex education, a majority of Indian youth lack basic knowledge on healthy sexuality. Sexually active youth find themselves in situations where they unknowingly expose themselves to sometimes life-threatening diseases.

A communication strategy system was designed to educate English speaking youth (17-24 years) in educational institutions on sexually transmitted diseases:

Through a workshop conducted by healthcare professionals, organised by an NGO working in this area, students will be provided with information on safe sex practices. A takeaway from the workshop would be a kit that would supplement the information provided during the various sessions. ​​​​​​​
The primary intent of the kit is to help users identify scenarios in which they can possibly put their sexual health at risk, provide information on the nature of most common sexually transmitted diseases, and prompt users to mitigate risk by getting tested frequently.
The kit—consists of an A5 sized comic book that presents high-risk scenarios through a relatable narrative, a set of flashcards that provide information on most common STDs, and a leaflet at the bottom that gives details on the nearest testing centres.
The front side of the flash cards consists of characters inspired from actual forms of the various pathogens, whereas the back communicates important information related to the STDs.
The comic book introduces reader to scenarios where they might put their sexual health at risk. 
For the detailed case study: please click here 
This project was highlighted in an article on Vogue India 

2017, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
Guide: Tarun Deep Girdher
Typeface: Bangers by Vernon Adams, Proxima Soft by Mark Simonson, and Open Sans by Steve Matteson
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