This publication was an outcome of an excursion to Manipur during the winter of 2018. I accompanied my fellow textile design batchmates, who were documenting the Oak Tassar weaving craft in Manipur as a part of their craft documentation course. We spent close to a month in Imphal and Ukhrul, interacting with the locals and learning more about the system of silk fabric production. The entire adventure was recorded in photographs and journal entries which were later refined and consolidated in the form of this book.

The entire publication was conceptualized during a one-week design workshop at NID, Ahmedabad, conducted by Deshna Mehta from Studio Anugraha, Mumbai. The major work comprised designing the book, including a set of illustrations that were used as the cover and chapter openers, setting the type, laying-out the content, and eventually print production decisions which led to the fabrication of the final prototype.
Illustrations created for the purpose of chapter-openers: 
Preview of the book:
2018, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
Visiting Faculty: Ms. Deshna Mehta, Studio Anugraha
Typeface: Recherche by Laura Worthington, Cronos pro by Robert Slimbach
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