Disclaimer: preview of a few projects, the process is under NDA. Kindly reach out to know more.
A journey of three years designing unique experiences with evolving technology, my time has been punctuated with growth and learning. As a visual communication designer, my vision for the organisation is to translate evolving visual cultures to evocative visual experiences, brought to life with cutting-edge technology. A brief summary of my evolving role and responsibilities:

Creating actionable design blueprints for mobile features, apps, and services with active engagement with stakeholders—spanning from India to South East Asia to South Korea. The deliverables range from concept decks to user-interface guides which are eventually transformed to commercial products.

Mentoring young designers within the team—being cognisant of their journey and strengths, and finding a symbiotic sweet-spot for collaborative growth for both—my colleagues as well as the organisation. I've deployed various tools for knowledge sharing and collective learning.

Summary of a few projects, out of many:
Elevating Mobile Internet Sharing Experience

Time 6 months
Team size 2 members
Role UX + Visual Design

In India, mobile hotspot is the equivalent of broadband with almost 97% penetration. With the advent of high-speed 5G technology, the UX team at SRIB embarked on journey to explore opportunities to improve mobile internet sharing experience.

The outcome of this project was one of a kind feature package currently running on all Samsung phones with One UI 6.0 update. The new Smart Mobile Hotspot lets users make the most of their 5G data plans through:

Effective data monitoring while connected to multiple devices with a data dashboard.

Controlled data sharing limiting screen time for kids through simple controls.

Restricted data access data sharing with one-time password for guests.

Recognition: the project won Samsung Excellence award in 2023 for impact on organisation.
Key screens
Reimagining government ID cards for Samsung Wallet

Time 6 months
Team size 2 members
Role UX + Visual Design

In 2015, the Government of India launched the Digital India campaign to make all government services digitally accessible. A part of this initiative is DigiLocker—a platform allowing citizens to access all their government documents on their phones. Imagine you no longer have to carry your Aadhar card every time you have to catch a flight, or have your PAN card details can be a swipe away while filing taxes, or next time you are stopped at the signal by a traffic policeman—you simply flash your DL on the phone screen. We worked towards bringing this capability to Samsung phones in the seamless Wallet experience—a digital wallet which eliminates the need of a physical wallet.

Through a collaboration with DigiLocker—popular government IDs such as Aadhar card, driving license, PAN card, vehicle certificate, birth certificate etc. are now available on Samsung devices. A thorough visual design sprint was undertaken to design the face of these IDs which eventually became the face of Samsung Wallet—to make the experience more memorable, insightful, and delightful. The card arts were also featured across campaigns—both digital and physical.

Recognition: the project won Samsung Excellence award in 2023 for impact on organisation.
Building a Holistic and Actionable Brand System for Samsung Finance+

Time 7 months
Team size 4 members
Role Visual Design

Samsung Finance+ aims to empower customers to own their dream devices across the globe. The product facilitated a yearly sales of 2 billion USD in 2023. Incubated at Samsung R&D Bangalore, the product is expanding to global markets.

Currently, we are building a brand system which would communicate the ethos of the service—while balancing Samsung’s global brand assimilation guidelines and legal compliances across different countries. I’ve overlooked various requirements for this project adhering to timelines, as well as guiding a three member team.

Read press on the service​​​​​​​
Communicating New Valley Vision to Samsung Stakeholders

Time 3 months
Team size 3 members
Role Visual Design

In order to inculcate SRIB’s vision 2024—Create the New Valley among all employees—a lock screen wallpaper was deployed representing key aspects of same. The artwork was further extended to merchandise such as mousepads, stickers, pitch decks, etc.
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